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Gaining access to all levels during domestic and commercial construction can be challenging. With the aid of commercial and domestic scaffolding, it can be easier to work from all heights. There are many reasons why scaffold hire is essential, especially in the construction industry. At GS Scaffolding Ltd, our scaffolding company provides a variety of solutions for all situations, from new build scaffolding to temporary roof scaffolding.

Here, we discuss the importance of quality scaffolding for construction projects in Twickenham and the areas we cover across Surrey and London. The key points we will cover include:


Safety is one of the main benefits scaffolding brings to construction projects. Our scaffolding allows tradespeople to work safely at all heights and keeps structures secure. Construction carries several safety risks, and ladders are insufficient for building projects, especially larger ones.

Working at a height can be dangerous, which is why we offer a range of safety additions to our bespoke scaffolding structures, including safety netting and guard rails. These additions can protect workers from falling and catch any loose waste, keeping entire sites safe.


Our scaffolding company creates custom commercial and domestic scaffolding structures that provide safe access to all parts of buildings in and around Twickenham. Constructing commercial buildings can mean limited access to work, which is where our experts come in. We tailor our scaffold hire services to ensure that all areas of the building that require work can be accessed safely and efficiently.

Our company has pavement licences and can work in hard-to-reach areas, so we can always find solutions that allow easy access. Our temporary roof scaffolding, commercial scaffold and new build scaffolding will not obstruct road access and ensures pedestrians can still use the pavement underneath.


Our scaffolding provides access to taller heights and creates a better position to complete work from. Our structures can more efficiently access windows, walls, ceilings, and outdoor spaces. Scaffolding provides a sturdy structure to complete work with much less risk than ladders.


Knowing that work will be undertaken from a safe platform provides workers with peace of mind and allows them to focus on their work. This can improve the efficiency of the build and keep projects running on time. With multiple, easy access points, workers can smoothly transition between working levels, making work easier.

At GS Scaffolding Ltd, our team provides scaffold hire for all domestic and commercial clients. Our scaffolding company provides bespoke structures that will enhance construction projects. We also offer risk assessments, method statements and complete weekly safety checks to ensure all commercial and domestic scaffolding meets your needs. From temporary roof scaffolding to new build scaffolding, we have a solution for all projects in and around Twickenham.

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