Does My Project Require Temporary Roof Scaffolding in Harrow? Reliable Scaffolding Company

Temporary roofs are sheeted structures that provide cover from inclement weather. At GS Scaffolding Ltd, we offer bespoke temporary roof scaffolding for domestic and commercial projects in Harrow and the other areas we cover across Surrey and London. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a project needs temporary roofing, which is where our scaffolders come in. Our scaffolding company provides both short- and long-term scaffold hire to meet the requirements of each client. We can advise you on the scaffolding that will work best for your upcoming project.

We are happy for you to contact us to discuss your custom requirements. You can also call us on 07888 500577 for new build scaffolding and more quality commercial and domestic scaffolding. Our experts can help you establish if temporary roofing suits your project. A few key considerations include:

Risk Assessment

Our specialists can ascertain if a temporary roof will be needed by completing a risk assessment. Knowing the likelihood of leaks occurring and what the implications of water ingress will be are crucial. Costs of possible damage should also be established, so if your project has expensive machinery and other equipment, a temporary roof will likely be needed.

Scale of Work

Understanding the scale of the work will directly impact the necessity for protection. Construction projects that will leave significant building areas exposed for long periods will typically require temporary roof scaffolding. Our scaffolding company can also provide scaffold hire to cover the entire buildings for projects in and around Harrow that require multiple access points.

Whether you need commercial or domestic scaffolding or new build scaffolding, we have a solution for every situation.


Projects that can be delayed by inclement weather or have a strict timescale can be aided with temporary roofing. Temporary roofs can keep workers safe and protected during adverse weather, allowing them to continue with jobs rather than breaking and waiting for the weather to subside. A temporary roof will eliminate weather-related delays and keep projects running on time unimpeded by rain, wind, snow or sleet.


Temporary roof scaffolding can add costs to jobs, so you will need to check your budget to see if one can be accommodated. In most cases, the cost of the temporary roof will be less than the cost of repairing or replacing your damaged belongings and building.

It can be difficult to answer whether your project will need a temporary roof without any more specific information. When you contact our scaffolding company, we can help you establish if your project will require a temporary roof. From advice on scaffold hire and commercial and domestic scaffolding to new build scaffolding and temporary roofs, our team will help ensure all projects in and around Harrow are as safe as possible.

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